BCOE&M 2.1.11: Contact

Support for NHC (National Homebrew Competition) is provided by the American Homebrewers Association. Please email your questions, concerns and issues to info@brewersassociation.org.

This page is to contact the developer of the BCOE&M software. It should NOT used to contact officials of any competition that uses BCOE&M. Such inquiries will be unanswered. To contact the officials of any competition that utilizes BCOE&M, go back to that competition's entry website and select the Contact link in the main menu.

For support, please post an issue to the BCOE&M GitHub project repository.

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BCOE&M is an open source program covered under the General Public License (GPL) from the Open Source Initiative.

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The full source code is available for free. See the issues list on GitHub.

Latest Version: 2.1.11

Version 2.1.11 on GitHub

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